Viv Moore's Research Page

Doctor Viv Moore BA, MSc., PhD CPsychol

Research interests:

face recognition, eyewitness identification, learning new information,

Contact details:

Department of Psychology, 

Phone: +44 (0)207 919 7870

Goldsmiths University of London

Fax: +44 (0)207 919 7873

New Cross,


London SE14 6NW

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Publications in reverse chronological order

Links are to Acrobat (pdf) files of a pre-publication copy of the articles. Acrobat reader is required to read these files. A copy can be downloaded from the Adobe website via this link: 

Smith-Spark, J. H., Moore, V., Valentine, T., & Sherman, S. M. (in press). Stimulus generation, ratings, phoneme counts, and group classifications for 696 famous people by British adults aged over 40 years. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers. Download PDF File 259K

Moore, V. (2004). An alternative account for the effects of age of acquisition. Invited book chapter in The Mental Lexicon: Some words to talk about words. P. Bonin (Ed.) Nover Science Publishers. ISBN: 1-59033-840-5. Download PDF File 117K

Moore, V., Smith-Spark, J. H., & Valentine, T. (2004). The effects of age of acquisition on object recognition. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 16(3), 417-439. Download PDF File 86K

Moore, V, & Valentine, T. (1999). The effect of age of acquisition on processing famous faces and names: Exploring the locus and proposing a mechanism. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society; M. Hann and S. Stoness, 416-421; Lawrence Erlbaum Ass. USA. Download PDF File 162K

Moore, V., Valentine. T. & Turner, J. (1999). Age-of-acquisition and cumulative frequency have independent effects. Cognition. 72, 305-309. Download PDF File 88K

Valentine, T., Hollis, J. & Moore, V. (1999). The nominal competitor effect: When one name is better than two. Proceedings of the twenty-first annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Mahwah, LEA.  (pp. 749-754) Download 65Kpdf file

Moore, V. & Valentine, T. (1998). The effect of age of acquisition on naming speed and accuracy of naming famous faces. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. 51A, 485-513. Download PDF File 607K

Valentine, T., Hollis, J. & Moore, V. (1998). On the relationship between reading, listening and speaking: It's different for people's names. Memory and Cognition, 26, 740-753. Download pdf file from Psychomics Society website.

Valentine, T., Moore, V. & Brédart, S. (1995). Priming production of people's names. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 48A, 513-535.

Valentine, T. & Moore, V. (1995). Naming faces: The effects of facial distinctiveness and surname frequency. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 48A, 849-878.

Valentine, T., Moore, V., Flude, B. M., Young, A. W. & Ellis, A. W. (1993). Repetition priming and proper name processing. Do common names and proper names prime each other? Memory, 1, 329-349.

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Mayes A. R., Poole [Moore], V. M. & Gooding, T. (1991). Increased reading speed for words and pronounceable non-words: Evidence of preserved priming in amnesics. Cortex. 27, 403-415.